Raised Bed Booster Compost Mix Kit


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Revive Your Garden Soil with Organic Compost and Fertilizers

  • Everything you need to replenish nutrients and prepare for planting
  • The most effective soil amendment to ensure your plants are strong, bountiful producers
  • Slow-release fertilizer is earth-friendly and guaranteed not to burn plant roots


Soil health is directly related to growing success. Because organic matter and nutrient levels get depleted over a season, it’s important to feed your soil periodically. By bundling our exclusive Booster Mix (compost plus a bevy of organic nutrients) and an easy-apply shaker of our organic All-Purpose Fertilizer 5-5-5 together, we’ve simplified the process of feeding your garden. Give your veggies, herbs, and flowers the best possible foundation — and reap the rewards all season long!


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