Micro Grow Light Garden


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  • Assembly required
  • Recycled polypropylene plastic, high impact polystyrene, aluminum, T5 fluorescent light bulb
  • 21-3/4″ L x 7-3/4″ W x 17″ H
  • Weighs 4 lbs.
  • Planting trays hold 2 quarts of soil
  • Reservoir holds 3 quarts of water


No-Fuss, Self-Watering Grow Light Stand Makes the Ideal Kitchen Herb Garden

  • Enjoy homegrown herbs and greens year-round
  • Compact system takes up minimal space
  • Self-watering system ensures healthy growth

Just 21-3/4″ long by 7-3/4″ wide, this light stand fits right on your kitchen countertop so you can have a fresh harvest at your fingertips. Grow fresh herbs to save a fortune versus store-bought, or grow spicy mixed greens to liven up bland supermarket salads. This complete self-watering system includes a reservoir and capillary mat that provides plants with water when they need it, keeping them healthy and reducing watering chores. It also includes four growing trays for direct seeding; you can also place your own herb pots right on the capillary mat for fuss-free watering. Also ideal for starting seeds for your outdoor garden or displaying African violets and other blooming houseplants.

The light garden includes a bright, energy-efficient, full-spectrum grow light with a nano reflector that directs light downward towards plants. You can adjust the height of the light as plants grow. Electronic ballasts eliminate annoying buzzing.


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