Bug Out Garden Insect Screen, 6-1/2’ x 20’


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  • High-density polyethylene
  • 20′ L x 6-1/2′ W
  • 82% light transmission


20’ x 6-1/2’ Fine-Mesh Insect Screen Keeps Pests Out

  • Protect plants from insects without resorting to chemical sprays
  • Also foils birds, deer and other pests
  • Allows good airflow to plants to prevent overheating
  • Ideal for organic gardening
  • Shown with Super Hoops sold separately

This 20′ x 6-1/2′ insect screen creates a barrier to even the smallest insects, eliminating the need to use insecticides. Simply drape it over plants and then bury the edges with soil. Or use Earth Staples, sold separately, to secure the netting to the ground. The super-fine mesh banishes tiny insects like cabbage root fly, carrot fly and leek moth, as well as beetles and caterpillars. It allows excellent air flow and lets heat escape; will not trap heat like fabric row covers. Cuts with scissors without unraveling. 82% light transmission. UV-stabilized; will last up to seven years.


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