Biodynamic Compost Tea Bags


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Nourishing Compost Tea for Improved Plant Health

  • Made from plant-based compost
  • Nourishes and protects plants
  • Improves plants’ disease-resistance


If you’re a tea drinker, you know how satisfying and refreshing a ‘cuppa’ can be. Your plants will feel the same way once you brew them up a batch of this magical elixir. Each of the four single-use tea bags will make up to 5 gallons of microbially-rich tea ready for use as a foliar feed, transplant shock reducer, root stimulant, soil drench or compost inoculant. It’ll restore soil vitality and supports plants’ immune systems. Ideal for flowers, veggies, shrubs, trees, and grasses.

Product Details

  • Compost made of dairy cow manure, biodynamic vineyard chips, minute concentration of biodynamic preparation; dandelion; chamomile; stinging nettle; yarrow; oak bard; valerian
  • Each 16 ounce bag makes 5 gallons of tea
  • Made in USA


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